India’s Pride and Honour

If there is one organization that instills a sense of pride and honour in the hearts of 1.25 billion Indian citizens, it is none other than the Indian Army. Standing with valour and integrity, the Indian Army is known for being one of the most well organized armies in the world. In order to get a clear idea about the strengths and capabilities of the Indian Army, take a look at some of the data mentioned in this article.

Defence strength of the Indian Army

India boasts a total strength of 1.4 million active army and 11.55 reserve army. Other than this, there are 20 lac personnels in Paramilitary forces. These numbers could grow exponentially in the next few years as more and more youth are joining the Indian Army. The sheer number of India’s military personnel is just one aspect of the Indian Army’s strength. There are actually a lot of advanced weaponry that is making the Indian Army stronger. Below you can get a glimpse of the strength of the Indian Army.

The strength of the Indian Army is as follows:
  1. Total Soldiers: 14 lac active army, 11.55 lac reserve army, 2 million paramilitary forces
  2. Tanks: 6464
  3. Armoured Fighting Vehicle (AFV): 6704
  4. Self Propelled Guns: 290
  5. Towed Artillery Vehicles: 7414
  6. Multiple Rocket Launcher: 292
  7. Nuclear Warheads: 110-120
  1. Supersonic Cruise Missile BrahMos: 
  2. Prithvi Missile
  3. Agni-5 Missile
  4. Arjuna Tank (MBT)
  5. Pinaka Multi Barrel Rocket Launcher:

India is developing as a superpower. Given the fact that the Indian Army is getting strengthened year after year, we can say that this country is going to become more and more powerful in the years to come.

Those were some quick facts and figures on India’s pride and honour – the Indian Army. For information on the various ranks in the Indian Army, click on this link.